3P WG renovated fresh In 8 MIN TO Central STATION

Moin Moin :-)

we are Octavian (27) physician from Göttingen to in his spare time, endurance runs, distant lands, travels, dancing. And Sabina (22) Master student of intercultural market studies from Copenhagen, who is interested in culture and languages, and therefore, for many years English learning. Our love roommate go forth, therefore, a nice room with us freely. We would be delighted to have a friendly and open-minded Person, have a healthy sense of cleanliness (dishwasher and washing machine ;) ) In our spare time we like to meet friends, go to the movies, doing sports, or attend concerts. We like to cook and make like game nights. To celebrate, travel and Chill out we do, but also very fond of :) You should at least like 6 months!


The apartment has three rooms, in sizes from 14m2, 17m2 and 12m2.
The free room has 14sqm and is damn well cut and very bright. It is located to the rear and is always quiet.

In addition to costs incurred, and are included with the rent. Similarly, access to TV, Internet (network and wireless) and telephone (incl. Landline-Flat) in the rent included.

Each room, as all the other areas of the apartment have just been renovated in fresh, these include:
- Flooring new
Walls newly papered and painted (white).
- Completely new bathroom (shower, new Flow, new faucets, new sink/toilet).
- New Kitchen.
- New Electrical System.
- Network-, telephone - and TV connection in every room, and Wi-Fi throughout the apartment.
- suspended Ceilings with LED Spots

The Deposit is 600€.


The apartment has 3 different rooms (14m2, 17m2 and 12m2). Every room has a big window and is light-flooded.

Each room and the rest of the apartment what is extensively redecorated.
- New flooring
- All walls painted (white)
- New bathroom
- New kitchen
- New electrics
- Each room has a separate network, telephone and TV access + WiFi access in the whole apartment

The rental fee for the 17m2 room is 569€/month. There are no additional costs! You also get free TV, internet (ethernet + WiFi), telephone access.

Rent deposit: 600€.


You need to walk 5 minutes to the U-Bahn Wandsbeker Chaussee (U1), alternatively 7 minutes to the S-Bahn Wandsbeker Chaussee (S1/S11), or the bus stops (36) uses 200m in front of the house.

Wandsbeker Chaussee -> Berlin gate = 5 minutes (S1/S11)
Wandsbeker Chaussee -> station = 8 minutes
Wandsbeker Chaussee -> Jungfernstieg = 13 minutes
Wandsbeker Chaussee -> Dammtor = 12 minutes
Wandsbeker Chaussee -> Altona = 21 minutes


You need 5 minutes by food to the U-Bahn station Wandsbeker Chaussee (U1). Alternatively you could also reach the S-Bahn station Wandsbeker Chaussee (S1/S11) in 8 minutes or take the Bus (36) 200m from home.

Wandsbeker Chaussee -> Berlin gate = 5 Minutes (S1/S11)
Wandsbeker Chaussee -> station = 8 Minutes
Wandsbeker Chaussee -> Jungfernstieg = 13 Minutes
Wandsbeker Chaussee -> Dammtor = 12 Minutes
Wandsbeker Chaussee -> Altona = 21 Minutes


If you have the feeling that it could fit, and feel like you, us and the room to meet, send an e-Mail with a brief description of who you are, and we invite you for a visit (live or by Video as you like)

  • Available

    Jul 1, 2021
  • Rent

  • Deposit

  • Size

    14m² Room 60m² Apartment 3 Rooms
  • Address

    Seumestraße 17 Eilbek 22089 Hamburg
  • Public Transport

    5 Minutes
  • Internet

    50,000 KBit/s
  • Amenities

    • Washing Machine
    • Dishwasher
  • Updated

    Apr 16, 2021