3P WG 9 MIN TO the main train STATION U2/U4

Dear WG-seekers at my 2 rooms to be free.
My Name is Kai, I'm 28 years old and I'm due to my work fresh from Frankfurt to Hamburg drawn.

I'm an uncomplicated roommate like to cook and sit down to work, but also happy times for entertainments, movies or a beer/wine to enjoy the evening. Otherwise, I am a quiet guy who can also deal good at being alone.
I like to do sports, especially Jogging and Yoga, like to Cook and look like one or the other series on Netflix, or Prime Video.

It is important to me for a new roommate, that a certain basic understanding of cleanliness is available and that it remains in the week, mostly quiet, or in the evening, no parties, as I am as I said already employed.

Please contact us if you are looking for a Video or Live viewing. I am pleased to meet you.


The room is 17qm large, very bright and well cut. The whole apartment was renovated in 2014 to a high quality (real wood parquet flooring, bathroom with bathtub, fitted kitchen, new Windows, etc.), and since then has been regularly renovated.

Access to TV, Internet (network and wireless) and phone (incl. Landline-Flat) is in the rent included.


You need to walk 8 minutes to the subway station Horner Rennbahn (U2/U4) or, alternatively, 11 minutes to the subway station Rauhes Haus (U2/U4).

Horner Rennbahn -> Berliner Tor = 7 minutes
Horner Rennbahn -> the Central station is 9 minutes
Horner Rennbahn -> Jungfernstieg = 11 minutes
Horner Rennbahn -> Dammtor = 12 minutes
Horner Rennbahn -> Altona = 25 minutes


You need 8 minutes by food to the subway station Horner Rennbahn (U2/U4). Alternatively you could also reach the U-Bahn station is Rauhes Haus (U2/U4) in 11 minutes.

Horner Rennbahn -> Berliner Tor = 7 Minutes
Horner Rennbahn -> the Central station is 9 Minutes
Horner Rennbahn -> Jungfernstieg = 11 Minutes
Horner Rennbahn -> Dammtor = 12 Minutes
Horner Rennbahn -> Altona = 25 Minutes


We would be pleased if you mind. 6 months stay, because it shows that for very short stays, no real community is possible. Tours we offer, of course, but it is not a must, if you now comes from the environment, then we get the by telephone or by Email.

If you write us, please include at least the following: your age, when your move is you want and how long you will remain in Hamburg.
We would be really happy if you stay at least 6 months, because otherwise it seems to be impossible to get to know each other well enough to build a good community. If you are interested in a viewing, we are happy to offer some time slots. If you can't make it to a viewing, it is not a problem at all we can arrange you stay via telephone or email.

Please provide at least the following information if you send us a request: you age, when you would like to move in and how long do you plan to stay.

  • Available

    Jul 1, 2021
  • Rent

  • Deposit

  • Size

    18m² Room 73m² Apartment 3 Rooms
  • Address

    Horner Landstraße 126 Horn 22111 Hamburg
  • Public Transport

    8 Minutes
  • Internet

    50,000 KBit/s
  • Amenities

    • Balcony
    • Basement
    • Washing Machine
    • Dishwasher
  • Updated

    Apr 12, 2021